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DesignBuilder Simulation

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DesignBuilder combines rapid building modelling and ease of use with state of the art dynamic energy simulation.

DesignBuilder is easy to use. Its innovative productivity features allow even complex buildings to be modelled rapidly by non-expert users.

EnergyPlus logoDesignBuilder is the first comprehensive user interface to the EnergyPlus dynamic thermal simulation engine.


  • You get accurate environmental performance data and stunning rendered images/movies at any stage in the design process.
  • Streamline the design and evaluation process by providing performance data when it is most needed... early on while the design is still fluid.
  • DesignBuilder is priced competitively and - more importantly - it is cost-effective to learn and use.  And because DesignBuilder is so quick to use, you will be able to offer advanced simulation on even the smallest project without going over budget.
  • When used as a learning tool in universities and colleges, DesignBuilders’ intuitive user interface and intelligent defaults allow students to concentrate on coursework without getting lost in the detail of using the software.
  • Helps you to design environmentally friendly buildings.
  • 'Working' with DesignBuilder is fun!


DesignBuilder features an easy-to-use OpenGL solid modeller, which allows building models to be assembled by positioning, stretching and cutting 'blocks' in 3-D space. Realistic 3-D elements provide visual feedback of actual element thickness and room areas and volumes and there are no limitations on geometric form or surface shape.

You can import 3-D CAD models from ArchiCAD, Microstation, Revit and any other BIM software supporting the gbXML standard. 

Data templates allow you to load common building constructions, activities, HVAC & lighting systems into your design by selecting from drop-down lists. You can also add your own templates if you often work on similar types of buildings. This, combined with data inheritance, allows global changes to be made at building, block or zone level. You can also control the level of detail in each building model allowing the tool to be used effectively at any stage of the design or evaluation process.

Switch between Model Edit View and Environmental performance data with a single click - data is displayed without the need to run external modules and import data; and any simulations required to generate the data are started automatically.

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You can download a free fully functional 30-day trial version of DesignBuilder.  

Please download and try DesignBuilder - your feedback is very welcome.

Latest News

DesignBuilder v4.7 is released!

DesignBuilder SBEM v4.7 approved for England and Scotland EPCs and Part-L2 / Section 6 2015

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