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DesignBuilder SBEM course for Energy Assessors

UK customers please note we now have a finance option available.

1 day course plus on-line study, including 1 months free use of DesignBuilder SBEM software for only £250

...looking for a way to improve accuracy and speed up production, I found that DesignBuilder helps me do both

Roy Redhead, RJR Independent Energy Assessors

The DesignBuilder 1 day SBEM course is to teach energy assessors how to use DesignBuilder SBEM to produce EPC and BRUKL documentation. It is also suitable for non-accredited personnel producing BRUKL documentation, providing they are familiar with SBEM and the associated NCM modelling requirements and conventions.

As the 1 day course builds on the  knowledge gained by working through the "Basic Geometry" tutorials  it is a mandatory requirement that you complete Numbers 1 - 8 before attending the training.   Confirmation should be sent to DesignBuilder head office.

Training Costs:

  • 1-day training course - £250 + VAT including 1 month free use of the DesignBuilder SBEM software. Confirmation must be sent to DesignBuilder that the "Basic Geometry" video tutorials have been completed before attendance. You should allow about 5 hours including practice time.

The training takes place in Milton Keynes and covers:

· Introduction to DesignBuilder

· Importing floor plans and brief model geometry re-cap

· Program and model options

· Model data inputs

· QA and data-checking your model

· Producing EPCs and BRUKL documents


Energy Assessors must undertake approved training in the software tool they wish to use to produce EPCs - this course does just that at a competitive price and includes 1 month free use of SBEM software.

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