We offer a range of packages of commonly combined modules:

Design Simulation Packages

The DesignBuilder Simulation packages provide the building design team with a powerful and accurate environmental performance analysis capability based on the widely respected EnergyPlus simulation program. The software allows calculation of heating and cooling system sizes, thermal comfort , energy consumption and CO2 emissions for both naturally ventilated and air-conditioned buildings. Import models from Revit, ArchiCAD and Bentley BIM 3-D CAD systems through the gbXML and DXF interchange formats.

The 3 Simulation package options are: 

The advanced simulation package allows a full linked EnergyPlus and CFD analysis to be carried out. As well as assisting with placement of HVAC supply grills and external pedestrian comfort studies, this package provides all the tools you're likely to need for analysing the effectiveness of natural ventilation systems. 

Energy Assessor Packages

The Energy Assessor packages are suitable for Energy Assessors in the UK and Republic of Ireland who wish to produce Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) or check buildings against Part-L and Section 6 Building Regulations. They provide what we believe to be the fastest and most efficient way to produce EPCs, BERs, Part-L, Section 6 documentation at levels 3 and 4.

The inclusion of the Visualisation license in these packages allows users to provide clients with impressive reports including rendered images of the building with solar shading with little or no extra work. The rendered views provided by the Visualisation module can also be a good way to check that the correct constructions have been applied to surfaces.

The 2 Energy Assessor package options are:

The advanced option includes the EnergyPlus Simulation module for dynamic thermal simulation of building performance allowing you to get full value from your DesignBuilder models. This powerful simulation tool provides summertime overheating calculations for satisfying Criteria 3 of Part-L2, heating and cooling sizing as well as general comfort and energy performance analysis for naturally ventilated, mixed mode and air conditioned buildings.