1 day on-line Optimisation training

This 1-day online course is aimed at DesignBuilder users who want to use optimisation to run multi-criteria cost-benefit analyses. It will be presented in English and is offered in three time zones:

  • 13 December: North America, 10:00 to 17:00 Central Time.

The cost is £300, €400, $400. Discounts are available for education and multiple bookings from an organisation. Please contact our Sales Team for details on discounts. 

The course comprises a three-hour session in both the morning and afternoon and covers:

  • Introduction to optimisation theory and DesignBuilder’s optimisation tool
  • Implementation of optimisation in DesignBuilder
  • Choosing objectives, constraints and variables
  • Optimisation settings and use of parallel computing
  • Interpretation of optimisation results
  • Additional considerations and model checking for optimisation studies
  • Optimisation checking - gaining confidence before running full analyses
  • Tips and tricks for more complicated design problems

The course is suitable for existing DesignBuilder users who understand the fundamentals of setting up a model in DesignBuilder, and in particular understand important model data concepts such as the model data hierarchy and data inheritance. Using these DesignBuilder features dramatically improves the ease with which optimisation problems can be set up compared to traditional text and code-based definition methods.

There won't be time during the training to resolve any hardware/installation issues, so you should check that you have the current version  of DesignBuilder installed and that it runs correctly on your machine in good time before the event. Ideally also run a trial optimisation study beforehand. If you are new to optimisation then the basic tutorial is a good starting point.

The online training will involve running optimisation simulations on your machine during the live session. You will therefore need a good internet connection and a high spec machine to allow the online training and simulations to run together. We recommend at least 8GB memory and an i5 or better processor. See our Knowledgebase for a recommended specification.

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