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DesignBuilder is a state-of-the-art software tool for checking building energy, carbon, lighting and comfort performance. Developed to simplify the process of building simulation, DesignBuilder allows you to rapidly compare the function and performance of building designs and deliver results on time and on budget.
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UK & Ireland EPCs and Part-L New DesignBuilder v3.4      EnergyPlus HVAC Simulation

DesignBuilder SBEM is a fast and accurate way to produce Energy Performance Certificates and Building Regulations compliance reports. It is approved for use in all UK and Republic of Ireland regions.

Licensing is either pay as you go with no upfront costs or through annual subscriptions.

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DesignBuilder v3.4 provides some significant new features including:

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The new DesignBuilder graphical user interface to EnergyPlus HVAC includes outlines for all ASHRAE 90.1 baseline system types. It is the most full-featured user interface to EnergyPlus HVAC.

Find out how DesignBuilder v3.2 can help speed up HVAC data entry for your EnergyPlus simulation projects.






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